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Roving Entertainers in Sydney

Led Dancers Australia offers a wide range of roving acts for special events.

What is a roving entertainer?


Entertainment at an event falls under two category, stage entertainment and roving entertainment.

Basically, a roving entertainer will be meeting and greeting the public as they arrived at the venue, he will be wandering amongst your guests during your event, he might be helping moving the crowd from one location to another location. Under the same category, sometimes entertainers might be positioned in static positions, for example as the guests arrive, they could be on either side of the red carpet, or on small platform stages living statues, you could have some jugglers or twirlers, a circus contortionist. Possibilities are endless, whatever you have in mind, we will make it happen.

What do we offer?


LED Robot Stilt Walkers

We have LED Robots on stilt as per picture above. Our LED Robots are almost 3 meters tall, they are very bright and can be seen by many, Guest love them, the Robots. stilt Walker will pose for picture, walk around the venue, dance with the guests on the dancefloor and in general, have a lot of fun.

The Led Robots act is a duo. But we are about to launch our latest LED Robots act, a upgraded version with digital led, they will be displaying colorful effects and patterns. Our Robots can be customised and displayed colors that matches your theme's color, or company colors.

Get in touch to learn more about them.


The DigiDolls

The DigiDolls are our latest LED acts, they are made with digital LED allowing us to display colorful effects and graphics, they are fully customisable. The belts have higher resolution and we can program them so that company name scrolls on the costumes, or any #hashtag or keywords. The diggiDolls can be roving on the ground or on stilts.

The DigiDolls can also be twirling our amazing pixel poi. The pixel poi are led stick baton, that when twirl around display phenomenal graphics and others images, but the best thing about them is that we can program company logos to be displayed between graphics, it is a perfect option to increase brand exposure at any events.


The Mirror People

Our collection of mirror costumes is unique in Australia. We have on offer:

  • The mirror Man and Lady

  • The Spacemen

  • The Bullhead men

  • The Mirror men

  • The gold mirror bunnies

  • we also have another set of bullheads and two golden pig heads that we designed for the last chinese year of the pig.

Our mirror people duos will be a nice addition to your events. Daytime or nighttime, indoor or outdoor.


The LED Aliens

Our Led Aliens are our most advance costumes yet, they are fully programmable, the effect will randomly display in sync, they are bright and colorful. Those roving characters are like nothing else you can book in Australia. They mostly perform as a duo but we have five of them so feel free to get in touch and enquire about their availability.


The Replicants

The Replicants are our oldest LED performers roving act. Since 2015, they have performed all over Australia and overseas. They are the optimum solution for entertainment at futuristic themed events.

The Replicants are Led twirlers. Since 2015, we have used 3 generations of pixel po, starting with 64 pixel resolution, we then upgraded to 124 pixel resolution, and in 2019, we bought our latest pixel poi with a whooping 240 pixel resolution.

The pixel poi are high-tech twirling props based on the persistence of vision that allows to "paint" pictures, custom graphic, text and logos in the air in a way that audience can perceive it.

The Replicants can rove with their pixel poi and also with one of our Led Picture Frame. Your guests will love taking picture with them.


Our illuminated entertainers series are mostly duo acts. They will wonder around your venue, meet and greet and definitely pose for pictures with the crowd. We have 3 different Led picture frame to choose from:

  • Circle frame

  • Rectangle frame

  • Love heart frame

The frames offers you the opportunity to have your company name on them, or a keyword, but why not display an #hashtag that will connect your event to social media exposure?

Get in touch for more info.


Wedding Entertainers Sydney

Choosing the right entertainment for a wedding reception can be difficult. We at Led Dancers Australia will make sure that the process is easy for you. Depending on the time of the day your reception is, we will give you some advices on what might be the best acts for you.

Any of our visual acts come with great photo opportunities. We might decide to have a photobooth, let us run it for you, the mirror bunnies are perfect for it. If a photobooth is not your thing, what about having amazing lit-up characters walking around with our special Led Picture frame, the name of the bride and groom can be displayed on the frame as an option.

There are many options as to how to use roving entertainers at your wedding receptions, get in touch to learn about them.

Led Dancers Australia also provides lit-up Xmas roving entertainment, stage shows, fire shows and very soon Led structural decoration, and Led background for photo booths.

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