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Mirror People Duo characters, bespoke entertainers for indoor and outdoor events.

Led Dancers Australia has the largest collection of mirror costumes in Sydney. Since 2017 and our first mirror act, The Mirror Man And Lady, we have performed at many corporate and private events, indoor and outdoor.

The Mirror Man And Lady act is our most luxury costume, made of laser cut thick acrylic mirrors, they really look like they are made of real glass mirrors.

Those costumes are heavy, you can book them for up to 2 x 30 minutes per performances maximum. They are perfect to meet and greet your guests at private or corporate functions, or at Street Festival like the picture on the right.

The Mirror Men, The Bullheads Men and the Space Men are all part of the Mirror Costumes Series.

With their huge platform boots, they will stand out at your events, welcoming the guests as they arrive at your functions. You'll see them taking selfies with the public, dancing on the dancefloor, they are unique in Australia and we can assure you that they will leave a lasting impression of your party.

We also have 2 Mirror BullHeads and 2 Golden Pig Heads available for hire.

They can be wearing any costumes to fit any theme.

If you have a special request, we can design and make a costume for you, depending on the request, allow 3 months between the initial contact and your event.


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